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Luke Masters - IM&T Operations Engineer

Luke Masters

"I joined the army in 2002 initially as an RLC Pioneer and spent my 21st birthday in ATR Pirbright where I completed my 12 weeks basic training, upon leaving pirbright I was a trained soldier and also obtained some Scottish vocational qualifications in the process.  I was then stationed at deepcut in surrey where I decided that I no longer wanted to be a pioneer and re traded to Driver I was then sent to Aldershot which was a holding barracks before finally being sent to the defence school of transport to complete my phase 2 training.

Upon completing phase 2 training I was stationed at Aldershot for a short period of time before being sent to my first posting in Dulmen, Germany.

Whilst in Germany went on numerous adventure training Trips in Bavaria / Austria where I carried out rock climbing, kayaking, orienteering, white water rafting and various day trips and bars.

In 2004 I was deployed to Iraq on Op Telic 4, whilst in Iraq carrying out operations my team  also came second in a military skills completion against multiple regiments and i was also able to further my army careers by completing my B2 training by taking and passing my Volvo/JCB Test.

After Iraq I was then back in Dulmen on various exercises and spent 2 weeks in Austria on a Ski tour exercise.  I was deployed on a 6 week exercise in Cyprus where I travelled to various parts of the country and also went on a 4 day cruise to Rhodes and somehow ended up in Faliraki which was a bonus.

Upon returning from Cyprus I packed my kit and drove back to Abingdon in the UK, whilst in Abingdon I was sent on a 2 week exercise in Edinburgh, it turned out I had to drive a portable building there on my lorry and had 2 weeks of sight-seeing before packing up and driving back to Abingdon, I was then sent back to the defence school of transport to complete my B1 course which qualified me as a transport managers assistant and to sign off vehicle servicing.  I was then sent to the regimental servicing bay to ensure that all servicing was completed and signed off to an exceptional standard, this job paid off as I was promoted to lance corporal,  whilst at Abingdon I went on another 2 week exercise in Austria this time this time mountain orienteering and white water rafting.  I also managed to get onto the RLC motorcycle stunt display team where we did stunt display shows, whilst on this team I was also support crew for the enduro team at multiple race events, I also completed an NVQ Level 3 qualification in Driving goods vehicles.  I was then given the opportunity to be on the RLC recruiting team which bought me to Stafford, where I took schools, cadets, religious groups on army look at life courses and took them through military skills over a 2 night period, and visited schools, universities and clubs teaching leadership skills.  unfortunately i was medically discharged in 2008 but was resettled quite generously I completed a counter balance fork lift course, took PTLLs (preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector) course and qualified as a first aid at work instructor, and completed a  4 week desktop engineering course.

I then started my own company and was an IT contractor for 2 years before joining UHNM in 2010 as a desktop engineer; I am now currently an IM&T operations Engineer maintaining the trust IT estate alongside a great team.

I won’t give the Forces all of the credit but will say that through hard work and determination you can achieve anything.  Due to the numerous skills I obtained whilst serving (vocational and life) I believe that I am a suitable candidate for many roles within the NHS.  The skills learned in the forces and the values imprinted are the core fundamentals that any employer would wish for in an employee."

Luke has visited:

  • ATR Pirbright
  • Deepcut Surrey
  • Aldershot
  • Defence School of transport Leconfield
  • Dulmen, Germany
  • Gutersloh, Germany
  • Holland
  • Amsterdam
  • Sonthofen and various locations Bavaria (Adventure training)
  • Austria (Skiing)
  • Opt telic 4 Iraq
  • Kuwait (drove there most days and knew the country like the back of his hand)
  • Episkopi, Dhekalia, larnaka, Akrotiri, Trudos mountains, Cyprus
  • Rhodes old town and faliraki
  • Abingdon
  • Edinburgh, Elgin Scotland
  • Salisbury plains
  • Wales multiple locations
  • Army Recruiting team Stafford