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I am a Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Lead for Neuroanaesthesia. I work with Neuro surgeons, Interventional neuroradiologists spine surgeons and urology surgeons. My job involves providing anaesthesia for patients with neurosurgical conditions, Stroke and for Robotic urology cancer procedures.

I went into this line of work as I enjoy the operating theatre atmosphere and the intensive nature of the work. Being able to provide care to patients with complex surgical procedures is extremely rewarding.

One of my career highlights is when I was in India I was involved in a liver transplant procedure which was the second in the country at that time. Alongside this, seeing patients make full a recovery from a stroke and being able to live a full active life following care is extremely fulfilling. 

In addition to clinical work, I love to teach in the operating theatre setting, improving both myself and colleagues outcomes of patients in need of care.