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Vamshi Jagadesham

Vamshi or Vam is a consultant oesophagogastric and general surgeon at University Hospitals of North Midlands. The majority of his work is within the North Midlands Oesophagogastric Unit at Royal Stoke where he looks after individuals with oesophageal and gastric cancer.

He also provides emergency general surgery service at Royal Stoke as part of its major trauma centre status. Here he tells us a bit about his job and why he does it.

“I went into this field because I get to operate on people, which is a privilege in itself. The unique bond between a surgeon and patient and that you have been allowed to do something life-changing made surgery a no-brainer for me.

The best part of my job is performing complex surgery and achieving great outcomes for the patients. There is nothing better than performing a cancer operation and seeing the grateful look from patients and relatives the following day; it is priceless.

The same goes for operating on a patient who has sustained major abdominal trauma; you can make a difference pretty much straight away and save a life. The satisfaction is exponential.

My least favourite part is when patients get a serious complication, which can be challenging on a number of levels. Complications, however, go hand in hand with major surgery and it helps to have a team that supports you.

I say this to the juniors all the time…..”surgery is like a game of chess, you always need to think two moves ahead.”

Outside of work Vam is married and has three sons.

“I have little time for other interests due to being a Daddy to three boys, who consume most of my free time (and I love every minute of it). When I can I am keep fit fanatic and like to embark on cross-fit training.”