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Dr Richard Hall

Dr Richard Hall is an emergency medicine consultant and clinical lead for major trauma and Tri-network lead for major trauma.

After training in Aberdeen and living in various parts of the country, Richard settled on the Midlands completing his emergency medicine training in the West Midlands and became duel accredited in ED and Critical Care Medicine.

He said: "I was drawn to emergency medicine because I like the short term care of patients, honestly, I don't really have the attention span for long term care. My special interest is trauma.

"I have been the critical friend to the North West of Scotland and help them achieve major trauma status. They are the first trust in Scotland to function as a full major trauma centre. I found this a strange experience because I was advising some of the consultants and professors who trained me to be a junior doctor!

"There is no real typical day in trauma – it is the great unknown - whether a minor injury that I can fix and send home or a critically ill patient needing a multi-team approach to getting better- it can involve a number of things but there is usually a few children cases in the day also..

"My favourite part of the job is being able to look after anyone with an emergency problem that I can do something for and the least is looking at a corridor of patients with no real emergency problem but nowhere else to go.

"My job is more about co-ordination than direct care unless you're really poorly and then ED doctors spring into action! I have had lots of significant life events and really respect what I am allowed to do to patients who don't know me but put their trust in me to look after them or their most precious thing – their relative."