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Bobby Sachdev - Neurosurgery Registrar

I’m a neurosurgery registrar in my fourth year of specialty training and I am currently on my way to completing a training programme which leads to the path of becoming a Consultant in Neurosurgery.

My day to day role involves looking after patients on the ward and intensive care with neurosurgical problems such as traumatic brain injuries, brain tumours and bleeds on the brain. My job also involves carrying out operations, seeing patients in clinic and performing on-call roles where I see emergency admissions out of hours. There is a simple rule we follow in neurosurgery and that is there is no such thing as a minor operation.

The extra parts of my role involve clinical governance, performing audits and taking part in research on topics of interest. I also attend weekly and monthly teaching sessions and attend courses and conferences of interest.

I studied as a medical student at Queen Square in London and during my time there I worked under an inspirational mentor which led to me getting involved in exciting projects and my interest in Neurosurgery continued to grow. The more experience and insight I got, the more I realised that this was the specialty I wanted to pursue.

After having spent most of my medical school training in such a big city, I have loved moving to the West Midlands and exploring the countryside. In my spare time I enjoy walking and I am looking forward to travelling once again when I get the opportunity!

Myself and the wider team have seen some remarkable patients and have been able to follow their journey from admission to discharge. I recall a particular case from my first year in training where a young patient had a significant traumatic brain injury and it was a pleasure to see him recover after months of inpatient care and rehabilitation. Having been involved in almost all aspects of his care it was fantastic to see him make a remarkable recovery.

One of my favourite things about the job is how fast paced it is. I am constantly busy which I find intellectually stimulating.