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Dr Sunday Ekaidem

I am an Emergency Medicine (EM) physician, training to become a specialist/consultant in the field. The A&E is my base, and it is the first port of call for most critically ill patients. Our job is to help sick people get better. I chose Emergency Medicine because of the thrill of seeing really sick people get better from administering lifesaving treatment.  

My most memorable experience is not a very good one. In A&E, many times we win. But sometimes, we don't. People don't get better despite our best efforts. I will never forget being on a paediatric cardiac arrest, aged just 21 months. We could not get him back, and this left me broken for a few days after. Times like this really show how tough the job can be, but on the other side when positive outcomes happen, can be so rewarding. I've got special interest in Paediatrics Emergency Medicine, I am also into music. It is what keeps me sane to keep working in a high pressure environment like Emergency Medicine.

My favourite thing about this job is working in Resus. Thinking quick, and seeing the results within minutes. It's quite satisfying. My least favourite thing about the job is working odd twilight shifts, as that can really affect my sleeping pattern.

Emergency Medicine can be quite intense sometimes, but ''that which does not kill us, makes us stronger''(Friedrich Nietzsche).