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Dr Diane Adamson

I am a Major Trauma and Emergency Medicine Consultant. The work is very varied and you can be suturing a woundone minute and running a cardiac arrest or delivering a baby five minutes later. I have a strong interest in trauma so work as a major trauma consultant as well so I stay involved with our trauma patients once admitted to the wards.

I love the pace and variety that Emergency Medicine brings. It keeps you on your toes as you’re dealing with the sickest patients and making life saving decisions. I love how close we are as a department, we really are the #nhsfamily you see on social media. I first worked in the department as a medical student and there’s no doubt taking a Consultant job here is like coming home.

I have a number of memorable experiences and recently delivered a breech baby with another Consultant colleague. To be fair I think we were as shocked as the mum - she hadn’t even got off the ambulance trolley and we were – “whooahh pant and do not push” …so we could transfer her on to the trolley to deliver the baby. A healthy baby boy was born a few minutes later by a shocked but happy mum, so it all ended well.

My special interest is in trauma. Outside of work I am the Chief Medical Officer for the British Equestrian Trade Association and ride my horses as much as possible. I am passionate about making my sport safer.

The best part of my job is without a doubt the people.. I don’t have a lot of time for politics, healthcare is purely about people, the patients and the teams, get that bit right it works. It’s not heroics a lot of the time, it’s about easing suffering and making sure the family are supported at the worst time of their lives. The job keeps you very grounded as a person - we are all the same in the end and it makes you very grateful for your health.

Rudeness and when people are unkind has got to be worst part of the job. Our staff have a tough time working here, especially now and I won’t tolerate any bad behaviour on my watch from patients or staff. We all want the same thing and that is to give and receive the best care possible. I hate judgement, we see a lot of people with substance abuse or mental health problems at crisis point. No one chooses to lead that life, there’s usually such a sad story behind it all and although their behaviour  can be very challenging at times as department I am proud to say that we treat everyone with the respect and the care they deserve.