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External Fellowships, Grants and other opportunities

Professional Doctorates at Keele provide rigorous, structured programmes of advanced study and research, equivalent in status to a PhD but usually taken on a part-time basis and reflecting professionally focused contexts. They are normally completed in 6 years.  

Programmes are delivered using blended face-to-face and online approaches, as students are usually in full-time work whilst on programme. Initially, students take taught modules with assessments that are designed to explore and structure the research project.  After successfully completing these assignments, students undertake their research project under the guidance of supervisors. The final degree is awarded on the successful submission and examination of a thesis (of 60,000 words) in the same way as for a PhD.

Physiotherapy (Physiotherapy)

Health Science (DHealthSci)

Nursing (DNursing)

Midwifery (DMid)

Counselling (DCouns)

Public Health (DPH)

Health Education (DEdHealth)

Pharmacy (DPharm)

These programmes are usually offered on a 4-8 year part-time basis, normally completed in 6 years.  

Professional doctorate programmes have a single entry each year, usually October.

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The Associate Principal Investigator Scheme aims to develop doctors, nurses and other health professionals to become the Principal Investigators (PIs) of the future. A Principal Investigator is a person responsible for the conduct of a research study at a site.

The Associate PI Scheme is a six month in-work training opportunity, providing practical experience for healthcare professionals starting their research career.

People who would not normally have the opportunity to take part in clinical research in their day to day role have the chance to experience what it means to work on and deliver a NIHR portfolio trial under the mentorship of an enthusiastic Local PI.

Participating healthcare professionals receive formal recognition of engagement in NIHR Portfolio research studies through the certification of Associate PI status, endorsed by the NIHR and Royal Colleges.

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