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Research Stars Scheme

Research is an integral part of our core values at UHNM, enabling us to constantly learn in order to offer better care to the population that we service, leading to improvements in clinical outcomes.

Successful nominations will receive a certificate and research stars badge to say thank you for their dedication to a research culture at UHNM. 


Raises - awareness and supports the development of a trust-wide culture of research and innovation

Engagement – engages with staff, patients, public and carers to make them aware of opportunities to participate in research.

Shares - best practice and supports the implementation of new evidence into practice.

Experience - understands the importance of patient and public involvement in research. Research is only possible if patients and members of the public are willing to take part, and is only useful if it is directed at issues which are of concern to sufferers and those who care for them.

Access to information - supports patients’ access to research information and the training and mentoring of staff.

Recruitment supports the recruitment of participants to research studies.

Celebrates research successes – fosters a culture of thanks and showcases achievements.

Home grown – supports, leads or contributes to the development of Trust sponsored research. This includes engagement with support services (e.g. pharmacy, imaging and pathology).