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Welcome to the UHNM Centre for NMAHP Research and Education Excellence, CeNREE.

CeNREE was launched on 25th April 2022 in response to a desire from UHNM to have a service where research remains highly integrated with clinical practice throughout a clinical career. The UHNM 2025 Strategic Vision includes a goal to be a world-class centre of achievement, where patients receive the highest standards of care and the best people come to learn, work and research.

CeNREE mission statement:

The mission of the Centre for NMAHP Research and Education Excellence (CeNREE) is to create the most supportive environment possible so that our researchers, practitioners, and learners can do what they do best: improve clinical outcomes and experience through access to clinical research for staff and patients. Excellence will be applicable across the wider NHS through leadership and excellence in nursing, midwifery and allied health professional education, research and practice.