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Research Ambassadors

Research Ambassador– Remit and Role Description




What is a research ambassador?

At UHNM a research ambassador is a member of staff who is passionate about advocating research to improve outcomes for our patients. Research ambassadors increase awareness and visibility of research throughout our trust which links with the mission statement of our research strategy.

The aim of this role is to help support staff and patients to become aware of the importance of research and what research opportunities are available to them.

What does a research ambassador do?

The specific role of the Research Ambassador includes helping to increase awareness of research amongst NHS professionals and patients.

As a Research Ambassador we ask you to:

  • Attend Research Ambassador meetings (via Microsoft Teams), usually held every 2 months
  • Represent your speciality area at meetings
  • Respond to written or verbal communications about research between meetings
  • Raise awareness and circulate research communications within your department
  • Communicate the importance of research to staff, patients and visitors and how people can become involved
  • Advertise local research opportunities
  • Attend the annual research symposium
  • Support communication around annual events such as International Clinical Trials Day


How many meetings will I need to go to?

It is expected that research ambassadors will meet every 2 months. It is anticipated that meetings will typically last 1 ½ hours. An online “Doodle Poll” is usually set up to agree meeting dates and times.

There will also be additional correspondence and requirements to promote information within your department between these meetings.

What happens if I can’t come to a meeting?

If you can’t come to a meeting we would particularly value your input by email before the meeting. It might also be appropriate to send another staff member to represent you.

Will I need to do anything in between meetings?

You may be asked to comment on documents by email between meetings. If you hear of new information or relevant topics then please inform the CeNREE team. We welcome your thoughts and input.

Who else is a Research Ambassador?

The Research Ambassador group is made up of NMAHP from across UHNM and is supported by the CeNREE team.

What support is available?

You will work closely with and be supported by the CeNREE team. There will also be the opportunity to network with other Research Ambassadors for peer to peer support.

Why should I become a Research Ambassador?

Research is important and it is well documented that patients within research active hospitals have better outcomes.

You will help to support your department to keep up to date with the latest research news and opportunities.

The support you give as a Research Ambassador can be used to demonstrate your CPD hours as part of revalidation. Additionally this also links to our trust visions and values and can be used as an example within your PDR.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you would like to become a research ambassador or to find out more information please email: