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Step into Medicine and UHNM


The learning and education team have developed a unique programme for all our budding future doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, healthcare scientists, pharmacist, and many more roles who want to join the UHNM family.  The programme has been developed since Covid arrived and what we aim to do is provide an offer to our school, college and university students locally to gain an insight into what its like to work here at UHNM and career journey

Virtually, as we can engage with as many people who are interested in finding out more about the wide range of careers here, which all support our drive to deliver outstanding patient care. We also promote the opportunity of asking questions to our staff who are on the session – so you can find out more.

A whole range of range of roles from Doctors, Surgeons to Healthcare Science who work in cardiology, Pharmacists and Occupational Therapists and much more. 

This programme supports work experience as we have a number of work experience requests each year and due to popular demand its difficult to accommodate all requests, however with a virtual offer we can start to reach out to even more students and to start to promote our roles, careers and what its like to work here, virtually so you can see for yourself the different roles we have and hopefully find an area you would like to explore as a future career.

Step into UHNM webinar sessions

If you want to know more:

Please email Learning and Education