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Medical and dental education

Medical and dental education

UHNM has a clear strategic vision for medical and dental education.

Better care through continuous improvements in the learning environment

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the population we serve, building a healthier future together. To achieve this vision, UHNM recognises the value of high quality medical education and training. UHNM is committed to developing its workforce so that they can provide excellent patient care and meet the challenges of new service developments.

Our educational strategy supports planning for and development of a highly skilled workforce. The strategy supports the core values of the Trust. Our strategy is flexible and adaptable to meet the challenges of providing excellent clinical care in a financially constrained environment.

At its heart, an effective education strategy embeds a culture of learning and supports the retention of a motivated, knowledgeable and skilled workforce and is a collaborative process.

There are five key strategic objectives the Trust has identified as paramount to moving forward:

1. To embed a culture of continuous learning for all colleagues, one that encourages and motivates colleagues to develop to be the best that they can; establishing a culture that recognises and removes the barriers to learning.

2. To effectively and efficiently manage education, training and workforce development, ensuring it is cost effective, supports the Trusts strategic aims and objectives, the individual and continuing professional development. 

3. To deliver education and training that is continually quality assured, meeting external and internal standards and ensures that funding streams are used effectively and with transparency.

4. To develop strong leaders and managers capable of embedding the ethos of education, training and development into practice, to support patient safety, clinical governance, service redesign and a learning culture.

5. To build resilient partnerships and collaborative working, and where applicable, assimilate opportunities to maximise the delivery of training and development

UHNM has one of the largest Foundation Programmes in the region with 71 Foundation Year 1 (FY1) posts and 84 Foundation Year 2 (FY2) posts across 5 hospitals and numerous community sites. These placements have been supported by staff across the programme and have provided excellent training for the doctors of the future. 

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