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Covid information

When you know you are pregnant you can now self-refer to UHNM by visiting

Once registered, a midwife will aim to be in touch with you approximately 8 weeks into your pregnancy to arrange an appointment that is convenient to you and your family.

This is the easiest and fastest way to refer. Or you contact the community office midwifery office on 01782 672181 and we will be in touch to arrange your telephone booking appointment.

Whilst 01782 672181 is available from 08:30 – 16:30 we respectfully ask that you contact this number after 10:30. 

During 08:30-10:30 the line is particularly busy due to hospital communication to the community midwifery teams.

If you have a scheduled appointment and you, or a member of your household, have symptoms of or a positive test for Covid -19, please contact the maternity centre to discuss your appointment, as follows:

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30 pm - contact the Community Office on 01782 672181. Please note that during the hours of 08:30-10:30 the line is particularly busy due to hospital communication to the community midwifery teams.

Outside of these hours / times please contact Maternity Assessment Unit on 01782 672300

Women attending maternity services for an appointment or scan (and anyone accompanying them)   must make sure they have done a lateral flow test prior to attending and that this is negative. 

Lateral flow test kits are available at a variety of community venues.  To find out more go to and enter your location.

For women having a planned induction of labour or caesarean section a PCR test will be arranged with consent by UHNM prior to the admission. 

For all other admissions a PCR test will be conducted with consent on arrival.

Restrictions at UHNM have not lifted. All visitors must wear a mask; regularly wash their hands and social distance. This is to ensure the safety of our staff, patients and visitors

There have been some changes made to appointments.

You may have less face-to-face appointments and some may be over the phone, but please be assured your care and safety is very important to us.

We apologise that waiting times for appointments may have increased due to Covid-19.

This is due to staff isolating and deep cleaning of clinical rooms to ensure your safety

Birth partners are able to attend all scans and antenatal consultant appointments at both Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital.

  • All women and partners must wear masks at all times during appointments and scans
  • Social distancing must be adhered to so please do not attend for your appointment early
  • You may be provided with a buzzer and be asked to wait outside
  • No children are allowed to attend

Your plan of care may be altered including scan appointments

Please check with the antenatal clinic if you have any queries or concerns

It is really important that you continue to contact the Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU) if you have concerns about your own health, or your baby’s e.g.

  • you have bleeding from your vagina or leaking fluid (clear or any colour)
  • your baby’s movements have slowed down, stopped or changed
  • you have a headache, problems with your vision, pain just below your ribs, vomiting or sudden swelling of your face, hands or feet
  • you have severe itching or a rash, particularly one affecting your hands and feet; or if the whites of your eyes and your skin is yellow
  • you have pain in your tummy, or you are having contractions or tightenings
  • you feel unsafe at any time
  • trust your instincts; if in doubt, get checked out!
  • voice your concerns
  • ensure your concerns are heard.

The MAU is open 24/7

Please call MAU on 01782 672300

Due to space limitations partners are asked to remain outside the maternity building when women attend MAU 

Labour: One birth partner can accompany women in labour from the time of admission

Induction of labour: Birth partners may accompany women who are being induced and stay with them for the first 3 hours after admission.  Once they have left, partners will be called when the woman is transferred to delivery suite.  If the induction of labour process continues into the following day visiting will revert to the ward schedule of 3 hours per day.

Planned caesarean: For women having a planned caesarean, birth partners will be called when the woman is transferred to theatre.  Birth partners can stay throughout the operation until mum and baby are transferred back to the postnatal ward.

On the day of the caesarean section partners may visit between 5 and 6.30 pm

All support/birth partners accompanying women to the maternity unit must be symptom free of Covid 19 and have a negative lateral flow test.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still presenting challenges which have to be carefully managed to ensure the safety and stability of maternity services.  This may lead to changes in the date or time of your planned admission.    

Please be assured that your care and safety is very important to us. 

We are constantly reviewing the situation so that you are admitted at the most appropriate time.

For women having a planned induction of labour or caesarean section a PCR test will be arranged by UHNM prior to the admission. 

Maternity Birthing Centre visiting

Birth partner visiting times are currently 3 hours in the Maternity Birthing Centre, 12-3pm. MBC telephone contact 01782 672200

Ward 205 and 206 visiting

Ward 205 and ward 206 visiting is between 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm

Please contact the appropriate ward for specific visiting times (am or pm) as this will be designated by bed number.

Ward 205 telephone contact 01782 672205

Ward 206 telephone contact 01782 672206

Births at the Freestanding Midwifery Birthing Unit (FMBU) remain suspended. UHNM Maternity Services are currently conducting a full review of our midwifery workforce numbers. The findings of the review should be available by March 2022. Maternity services will then be in a position to review our proposed models of care. We continue to offer antenatal and postnatal care at FMBU.

University Hospitals of North Midlands is pleased to announce it will re-instate its home births service from Monday 21 February. This decision has been made following an improvement in service pressures and staff absence.

All women who have previously requested or had planned a home birth will be notified by their community midwife.

Covid 19 is still having an impact upon on all NHS services and therefore there may still be some cases where a home birth may not be an option and all women planning a home birth will be notified of these circumstances.

We understand what a difficult time this has been for expectant families and UHNM maternity service will continue to work with women and their partners to ensure that everyone is safe and has the right support.

If you are pregnant and need information about home births, or any other non-urgent issue relating to your pregnancy, your health after giving birth or the health of your newborn baby, please call your community hub telephone number: 


County Women’s Health Centre and County Community Midwifery

Telephone 01785 230059


Newcastle Team based at Bradwell Community Midwifery Hub

Telephone 0300 123 0905


Central Team  Community Midwifery  Hub based at Thomas Boughey Centre

Telephone 01782 233582


South Team Community Midwifery Hub based at Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre

Telephone 01782 231822


North team Community Midwifery Hub based at Chell Heath Childrens Centre

Telephone 01782 231152


Thank you for your understanding and support.

The community midwifery team will contact you by telephone the day after you have left hospital to ensure that you and your baby are well and to arrange a visit.  You may be asked to attend a postnatal clinic.

Please inform the community midwifery team if you or any member of your household has any symptoms of Covid-19, or a positive test.

We are here to provide care and support to you and your baby in these extraordinary times.

If you have any non-urgent queries please contact the community midwifery team on 01782 672181 in office hours.

Click here to find Covid-19 vaccine information in other languages 

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