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Tobacco Dependency Team

Here to support all pregnant women and family members to stop smoking

It is important to our Team that our pregnant & Post women and household members understand the risks of smoking in pregnancy and that they feel encouraged and supported to quit smoking as early as possible in their pregnancy journey. Available Monday – Friday in Antenatal clinic.

Our Team work in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Authority Stop Smoking services.
All the Advisors are highly trained to support pregnant women and household members, with compassion, understanding and an expert knowledge on the best medications to offer for a successful quit.


Trish Burgess - Service Lead

Debbie Humphries - Practitioner 

Lisa Peake - Practitioner 


Reed Wellbeing

•Reed Wellbeing Stoke-on-Trent Pregnancy Service offers a fully inclusive smoking cessation service for all pregnant women and household members using a combination of free NRT, E-cigarette and specialist behavioural support.

•Any pregnant women referred to our programme will receive support from point of referral to delivery and up to 12 weeks post-partem.

•12 weeks support for partners / families living in the same household as a pregnant woman

•Unlimited Re-Referrals to service via maternity

•Self referral available on 0808 1691869.


Everyone Health

•Everyone Health Stop Smoking in Pregnancy Service offers a 12 week service for all pregnant women, 6 months postnatal and household members up to 6 months postnatal using a combination of free NRT and specialist behavioral support. 

•We offer face to face and telephone appointments as is appropriate for them – encourage a 4 week face to face appointment for CO reading.

•We support the use of vapes but do not supply them on our service. 

•We support unlimited re-referrals to the service

•We currently have a 100% satisfaction rating 

Referrals to Staffordshire are via maternity Or self refer on 03330050095 or text Quit to 60777.