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Work Experience at UHNM

Thank you for your interest in work experience with the Trust.  Unfortunately we are not able to accept or process any applications for placements between 1st November 2023 and 31st January 2024.

For placement requests from February 2024, please come back to this web page from 15 January 24 for further information and how to apply.

Any local college students requiring a placement as part of your course requirements , please liaise with your placement officers who can provide more information.




Unlock your potential, be career ready!

Through work experience we can support our local students, communities who show an interest in the NHS and provide you with insight into the number of different careers, how we work effectively together as teams and why patients are at the heart of everything we do.

The NHS has over 350 careers please take a look at some we have at UHNM - from Speech and Language Therapist to Engineer, Biomedical Scientist to Dietician -  and many more by watching our Career Ambassadors videos

Still not sure? Sign up to the Hospital Virtual Work Experience – On-Demand Programme to meet more of our amazing staff in recorded webinars and find out what it’s like to work at one of the largest hospital Trusts in the UK.  

This immersive and interactive programme will also help you gain valuable tips and skills to help prepare you for the world of work. 

Here’s what students have said they enjoyed most  about the programme:

"It gave me a deeper insight into what the healthcare sector truly offers and how they can also go into other areas.  I had a fun time listening to the webinars and videos and understood what I could do in the future."

"The depth that each of the modules went into about the different careers as it gave me a deeper insight into medical professions – more than a real life work experience would give me."

"I really enjoyed the holistic view of multiple healthcare jobs …in UHNM. Even though I only want to be a doctor, I enjoyed learning about the insight into every part of the healthcare system.  I really liked how detailed every section was and viewing the surgery was especially exciting."

To register follow this link The On Demand Hospital Virtual Work Experience (


Work Experience Placements

Whether you are a student or adult who is interested in a career change, here at  UHNM  we are keen to support you  to shadow a staff member or team of your interest. 

To ensure you are gaining the most from your work experience placement we recommend that you explore the NHS careers website and take the interactive quiz before deciding in which department you would like experience Take our careers quiz | Health Careers

We offer both clinical and non-clinical placements. The departments who offer work experience vary but can include medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, estates & facilities and finance. If you have a particular request please put this on your application and we will try to assign you to your chosen department however this is not always possible.

Please note that placement requests are unlikely to be accepted between November – January inclusive.



Yes we ask you to complete this first as it will help you to understand some of the roles we have and that you may be interested in.

We offer 5 days.

Yes we do have age restrictions, refer to age guidance

Unfortunately, we don’t offer work experience placements in December and January.

We do have an allocated number of placements per month as this is to ensure we provide a quality experience for our learners.

Apply for Work Experience – please email and request a form.

Have you also thought about volunteering – it’s great way to gain more experience and boost your university or job applications Become a volunteer | University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (

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