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  1. Haemochromatosis genotype (H63D and C282Y)

  2. Haemoglobinopathy Screening

  3. Hair - see mycology

  4. Hand, foot and mouth disease - see enterovirus and coxsackie virus

  5. Haptoglobin

  6. HbA1c

  7. Helicobacter pylori antigen detection in faeces

  8. HemoCue devices

  9. Hepatitis A IgG (immunity screen)

  10. Hepatitis A IgM (infection screen)

  11. Hepatitis B core IgM

  12. Hepatitis B core total

  13. Hepatitis B delta (hepatitis D) serology

  14. Hepatitis B DNA (HBVD, HBV DNA)

  15. Hepatitis B immunity screen (Hepatitis B surface antibody)

  16. Hepatitis B surface antibody

  17. Hepatitis B surface antigen

  18. Hepatitis C Genotype

  19. Hepatitis C serology (IgG)

  20. Hepatitis C viral load (nucleic acid, RNA)

  21. Hepatitis D (see hepatitis B delta)

  22. Hepatitis E serology (IgG/IgM)

  23. Herpes simpex, enterovirus, cytomegalovirus, varicella zoster and epstein barr virus PCR

  24. Herpes simpex, varicella zoster, enterovirus and human parechovirus PCR

  25. Herpes simplex (HSV) PCR

  26. Herpes simplex (HSV) type specific antibody

  27. Herpes simplex & Treponamal PCR

  28. Herpes simplex and varicella zoster (VZ, chicken pox, shingles) PCR

  29. HHV-6 serology (human herpes virus 6)

  30. HHV-6,7,8 PCR

  31. HHV-6/8 DNA PCR (human herpes virus 6/8)

  32. High vaginal swab (post-operative, recent post-partum or other intervention)

  33. High vaginal swab (routine)

  34. Histological Immunofluorescence

  35. Histological Immunofluorescence (1)

  36. Histoplasma serology

  37. HIT screen

  38. HIV proviral DNA

  39. HIV resistance testing

  40. HIV tropism test (CCR5)

  41. Hiv viral load

  42. HIV1/2 serology 4th generation assay

  43. HLA-B27

  44. Homocystine (Free and Total)

  45. Homocystine (Total)

  46. HSV PCR -see herpes simplex PCR

  47. HSV type specific antibody - see herpes simplex (HSV) type specific antibody

  48. HTLV 1&2 Ab

  49. Human chorionic gonadotrophin

  50. Hydatid serology

  51. Hyperammonaemia investigations

  52. Hypoglycaemia screen