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Latest Developments

Change planned for 4th January 2022

Please note from 4th January 2022 there will be a change to the reference ranges for the ESR test. Currently the UHNM reference range for all ESRs is 1-20 mm/hr. These will now be reported as age and gender specific as below –




Reference range









Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

< 16yrs

1-8 mm/hr

1-8 mm/hr

16 - 60yrs

2 -16 mm/hr

2 -10 mm/hr

> 60yrs

2 -20 mm/hr

2 -18 mm/hr

Change of blood bottle for serum progesterone

Blood samples for serum progesterone analysis must now be collected into a red top bottle (clotted serum).

Studies suggest that storing progesterone samples in gold top gel barrier bottles for prolonged periods can produce falsely low results.

Gold top samples received after 1st April 2022 will not be accepted for analysis.