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ICE System Downtime

Thursday 9th June starting at 11am

There is an emergency system change required on the ICE system to enable it to continue operating at optimal security and functionality levels. Due to the critical nature of this system and the risk of it becoming unavailable, without the change, we have taken the difficult decision to perform the required work on Thursday 9th June starting at 11am; this requires system downtime for a minimum of 4 Hours.

During this period Pathology referrals will need to be made using manual request cards; for Radiology requests we recommend completing these on ICE once available again, however, urgent walk-in chest x-rays can be referred via manual request card. If stock levels for the manual request cards are running low please contact Royal Stoke supplies department using the contact details on the cards.

Pathology results will still be provided electronically, without interruption, whilst this upgrade is occurring. Radiology results will be provided again once ICE is available; during the downtime any urgent Radiology results will be manually notified to the Practice.