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The Medicine Division prides itself in offering staff exciting working environments in a range of specialities where staff receive continuous support in their personal/professional development. We are a forward looking Division where safety and care is paramount and we are continually striving to be the best in all our specialities and deliver the highest standards of care possible.

The Medicine Division at UHNM consists of Acute and Emergency Care, Specialised Medicine and General Medicine Directorates and includes all specialities such as:

Emergency Medicine includes:

  • Royal Stoke ED (24hrs) and
  • County Hospital ED (8am-10pm)

Acute Medicine includes:

  • Acute Medical Unit (AMU)
  • Acute Medical Rapid Assessment Unit (AMRA)
  • Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC),
  • Short Stay Unit (SSU)
  • Royal Stoke and Acute Medical Unit (AMU and AAU) County Hospital.

General Medicine includes:

  • Diabetes and Endocrinology Wards at Royal Stoke and County Hospital

  • Care of the Elderly Wards on both sites plus the Frail Elderly Assessment Unit (FEAU) at Royal Stoke.

  • Pre-discharge Wards at Royal Stoke.

  • Renal - Ward 124 Royal Stoke and Haemodialysis Units at Royal Stoke and County with a satellite unit at Leighton Hospital in Crewe.

  • Winter Escalation Wards Royal Stoke and County Hospital.

Specialised Medicine includes:

  • Respiratory Wards on both sites plus the Non-Invasive Ventilation Critical Care Unit, Ward 222 at Royal Stoke.
  • Gastroenterology Ward and Endoscopy Units at Royal Stoke and County Hospital.
  • Infectious Diseases – Ward 117 Royal Stoke.
  • Discharge Lounges at Royal Stoke and County Hospital.