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Acute Medical Unit

The Acute Medical Units at Royal Stoke and County act as acute portals for patients  that require admission following an acute medical episode. Patients are admitted to these units directly from our emergency portals or home via GP. These patients are acutely ill and will receive care and treatment on this unit until they are stable enough to transfer to other medical wards within the Division for their on-going care.

Several of the beds within each unit as designated as high monitoring so accept the most acutely unwell medical patients for stabilisation before being stepped down.

AMU is an exciting fast paced environment to work and patients can need hyper acute medical and nursing care and higher monitoring in the initial stages of their admission.

Patient can present with any acute medical condition across a range of modalities such as respiratory, gastroenterology, diabetes, renal, general medicine and care of the elderly. However this list is not exhaustive and can include other speciality care e.g. cardiology, oncology/haematology, etc.

Length of stay of patients on this unit varies dependant on medical stability and onwards bed availability. The patient turnover is rapid as patients move through a pathway to best suit their presenting condition.

This unit has close working relationships with operational site and flow teams, wards and departments across the Trust . Communication and flow of patients is essential in ensuring medical patients receive the right care, in the right place at the right time.