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Acute Medical Rapid Assessment Unit (AMRAU)

AMRAU is a unit where Medical patients transfer directly from the Emergency Department following referral by an Acute Medical Physician and Senior Nurse.

Patients can also be referred to this unit directly from home by local General Practitioners.

The aim of the unit is to enable rapid assessment and treatment of medical conditions with a view that patients are likely be able to return to their place of residence the same day following treatment. The overall aim being admission avoidance where appropriate.

The unit operates from 07.00hrs- 00.00hrs daily.

Patients that require admission will be transferred onto the Acute Medical Unit (AMU), FEAU (Frail Elderly Assessment Unit) or direct to the wards dependant on speciality needs.

AMRAU is an exciting fast paced environment to work and patients can need acute medical and nursing care in the initial stages of their admission.

Patient conditions can be of any acute medical condition across a range of modalities such as respiratory, diabetes, renal, general medicine and care of the elderly.