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The bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) service at UHNS has been established for over ten years and has successfully helped over 120 patients.

Who are suita​​ble for BAHAs?

A BAHA is a special type of hearing aid for that can benefit patients who cannot use a normal hearing aid for example patients with permanently discharging ears, missing or abnormal outer ears or very narrow or closed up ear canals.

How do BAHAs ​​​work?

A BAHA can be fitted to a headband or more commonly a small surgical procedure is needed to implant a titanium fixture that allows the BAHA to clip onto.  The BAHA then converts sound energy into vibration energy that  bypass the hearing problem by sending sound vibrations directly to your inner ear via the bones of the skull.

How are patients as​​sessed?

Patient are seen by an Specialist Audiologist who will do a number of special hearing a tests to check whether you are suitable for a BAHA.  You will also be allowed to loan a BAHA on a headband to see how much benefit you get in your everyday life.  You will also be seen by the Ear Surgeon – an Otologist, who will check you are suitable for surgery.

If you are suitable and wish to go ahead you will be listed for surgery,  Once the surgery has been completed and the site has healed you will be fitted with the BAHA and trained on how to clean the site and care for the BAHA.  You will then be seen annually to check your hearing and the functionality of the BAHA.