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Induction and First Day

If you are an external candidate your first day is required for your corporate Induction which will is a virtual Induction that you can complete from home. This must be completed on a laptop or desktop device as it will not work on a smartphone. If you do not have access to a laptop of desktop do not worry, instead contact your line manager in advance to your start date and they will be able to facilitate you completing the induction on site. 

The Induction will provide you with lots of useful information about working at UHNM alongside all your Statutory and Mandatory training that must be completed before you start in your new role. This is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the ESR training platform as you will use this to keep your statutory and mandatory training up to date throughout your time within the Trust. The ESR system will also be a great platform for you to access your personal information, payslips and learn about any development or qualification opportunities across the Trust. 

Your first day or shift in your new role will be your second day of employment, on your ward, in the office or wherever your new role is based. You should then expect a local induction from your line manager or appropriate leader consisting of a training plan and any key information you need to navigate your new role.  
TIPS for your Induction and First Day

Remember to read all the Induction guidance as this will help you navigate ESR (our training platform). 
Speak to your new line manager before you first day to clarify some of the essentials: 

o    Is there a Tea and Coffee station on your ward or Office? 
o    Do you need to bring your own Mug?
o    Do you need to bring your own lunch? And if so is there a fridge close by to keep it fresh?
o    What should I wear on my first day? 
o    Is there somewhere to lock away my valuable or should I not bring them at all? 
o    Do I need to bring a pen and note pad? Or any lanyard for my ID pass?