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Ward 223

Ward 223 is a 32 bedded ward that cares for patients that have had elective/emergency cardiothoracic surgery and major trauma patients who have stepped down from critical care but still require extensive monitoring. There are 8 level one beds offering nurses the ability to develop their acute care skills caring for acutely unwell patients.
A robust preceptorship package is available whereby staff new to the area are given the opportunity to accompany patients to theatre and observe cardiothoracic procedures.

Specialist learning opportunities include:

 IV therapy and fluid management Management of CVP lines
 Telemetry
 Monitoring and care of chest drains including digital drainage systems and flutter bags
 Invasive pain control systems including PVBs and SABs
 Complex discharge planning
 Negative pressure wound care

Registered nurses who join the team will develop their clinical skills in addition to leadership and management skills. The ward 223 team consists of dedicated advanced nurse practitioners, band 4 assistant practitioners and a number of highly skilled senior clinical nurses.

Location: Main Building
Contact Number: 01782 675223/676223
Shift Times: Long Day 07:30-20:15, Night 19:30-08:15

Ward Manager: Amy Hobbs
Deputy Ward Manager: Rachel Stuttard
Senior Nurse for Quality: Lily Than & Laura Newbon
Matron : Angela Huscroft and Joanne Hallett