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The Heart Centre

The Heart Centre at UHNM is a nationally recognised centre of excellence that offers pioneering treatment to the people of North Staffordshire and beyond and whose services have won a number of national awards over recent years.

Cardiothoracic Surgery is a key component of the Heart Centre and consists of a dedicated ward and two critical care pods. Nurses who work within cardiothoracic surgery have the opportunity to become multi-skilled through caring for acutely patients that have undergone extensive lifesaving surgery. This area equips nurses with skills which can only be gained in this area, for example, chest opening skills.

Cardiothoracic surgery nurses work within a large multidisciplinary team to ensure the best outcomes for patients and are supported in practice by a dedicated Practice Development Team in the critical care pods to ensure all nurses receive adequate support and guidance.

The MDT teams within cardiothoracic surgery are dedicated to developing all staff and offer a robust preceptorship package and bespoke training.

Both registered nurses and students will receive a warm welcome and we look forward to contributing towards your professional development.

Interested in Cardiothoracic Surgery?
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