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Who will I meet at my PreAMS appointment?

Clinical Service Lead


Clinical Service Lead

Louise Chilton – (Clinical Service Lead)

Louise is the Clinical Service Lead for PreAms, she has worked at UHNM since 2010, before becoming PreAms service lead she was a clinical educator on the under graduate medical programme, before joining UHNM she was a nurse practitioner in a walk in centre and a senior sister in critical care.


Deputy Service Leads


Helen Cadman (Royal Stoke)

Maria Wyatt (County Hospital)

marie wyatt

Our Deputy Service leads are the Nurses who have responsibility for HR and the day to day running of the Department on behalf of the Clinical Service Lead. They Deputise in all managerial roles.


Reception and Admin Team


receptionistsadmin team



Nurse Practitioners


nurse practionernurse practioner


Quality Lead / Junior Clinical Educator


quality nursequality nurse


quality nurse uniform


Senior Nursing Assistants


Senior nursing assistantsenior nursing assistant

senior nursing assistants uniform


Nursing Assistants


nursing assistantnursing assistant


nursing assistant uniform


Senior Staff Nurse / Senior Operating Department Practitioners 



senior staff nursesenior staff nurse

senior staff nurse uniform