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Plastic surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery refers to a variety of operations performed in order to repair form and function.  It is a highly specialised service, characterised by the careful preparation of the patient's skin and tissues and by precise cutting and suturing techniques which achieve minimal scarring.

Recent advances in the development of miniaturised instruments, new materials for artificial limbs and body parts and improved surgical techniques have expanded the range of plastic surgery procedures that can be performed. At University Hospitals, we specialise in soft tissue surgery and treat a variety of congenital and acquired conditions. We have particular expertise in breast reconstruction, and head and neck and skin cancer services. We also have close working relations with the Orthopaedic department as we are a Major Trauma Centre.

Day Surgery and Admissions Unit

Ward Manager: Sister Clare Hammond
Matron: Jill Ayres​
For male patients telephone 01782 672960
For female patients telephone 01782 672950 Paediatric day surgery
Children's Centre, Main Building. Please contact us on 01782 675155.

  • Surgery can involve operations being carried out under local anaesthetic and taking place as a day case procedure, but more complex procedures might involve a general anaesthetic and a short inpatient stay. UHNM is part of the West Midlands Cancer Network and has a recognised specialist multi-disciplinary team for treating skin cancers. Our service:​
  • Treats children with birth defects of the skin and genitalia and provide treatment for prominent ears and minor burns.
  • Provides reconstructive breast surgery.
  • Works closely with cardiac, orthopaedic and gynaecological surgeons when treating patients who require soft tissue coverage of wounds or defects.
  • Contributes to the care of trauma and accident and emergency patients who require our expertise.​
  • UHNM is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate medical training, with medical students attending from Keele University Undergraduate Medical School. We are part of the West Midlands Regional Training Programme for plastic surgery. The plastic surgery unit also conducts research and produces publications within the medical field, many of which have been published in national and international medical journals.
  • Cosmetic surgery is not generally supported on the NHS, but your GP may, in exceptional circumstances, be able to refer you to the plastic surgery department if the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) agree to authorise such treatment within carefully controlled guidelines. Cosmetic procedures are only undertaken when clinically recommended as part of clinical treatment.​