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Sputum/respiratory samples (routine)

About This Test

Department: Microbiology, Virology and Molecular Microbiology


Specimen types:

Sputum Aspirated/suction sputum

Induced sputum

Bronchoalveolar washing/lavage/trap/brush

Endotracheal secretions

Minimum volume 1ml


Turnaround Time:


Semi-quantitative culture for common bacterial respiratory pathogens.

Culture for fungi routinely included for cystic fibrosis and ventilated patients only.

If aspergillus/fungal infection suspected please state on request

In severe infections consider Legionnaires disease

Please state if recent or prolonged overseas travel.  Consider viral infections including SARS/MERS coronavirus infection.

Contact laboratory prior to sending samples if Histoplasmosis suspected.

Other Comments:

Collection container (including preservatives): CE marked leakproof container, send to laboratory in sealed plastic bag.

Special instructions - Relevant clinical data and details of recent or current antimicrobial treatment should be provided: Please state if underlying condition - cystic fibrosis, immunosuppressed, lung transplant etc. Please state if ventilated patient.

Specimen transport: If processing is delayed, refrigeration is preferable to storage at ambient temperature. Delays of over 48hr are undesirable.