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Enterobius infection

About This Test

Department: Microbiology, Virology and Molecular Microbiology


Sellotape slide or rectal/perianal swab with visible faecal material


Turnaround Time:

2-3 days

Microscopy for the detection of Enterobius species

Other Comments:

Special instructions - . A sellotape slide should be collected for Enterobius species (threadworm) in the first instance. If a sellotape slide is unobtainable, please send a rectal swab with visible faecal material. Please note, swabs of the peri-anal area without visible faecal matter are not adequate and will be rejected. Relevant clinical data and details of symptoms should be provided. Faecal samples will be rejected.

Collection container : Slide carrier for Sellotape slide available from laboratory.

Sellotape slide: Press Sellotape on to anus first thing in the morning then stick on to glass slide

Swab: Rotate a saline moistened swab around the anus of the patient first thing in the morning

Specimen transport: Transport to laboratory as soon as possible and within 48 hours