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About This Test

Department: Biochemistry


  • Gel/clotted/lithium heparin (yellow/red/green top)

Add-on requests are accepted within 72 hours


Turnaround Time:

72 hours

Synonyms: β2-Microglobulin, B2M



Beta-2 microglobulin is found on the surface of almost all cells in the body and is shed by cells into the blood, particularly by B-lymphocytes and tumour cells. Concentrations in the bloodstream rise with conditions that increase cell production and/or destruction, or that activate the immune system.

Principally its use is to monitor and provide prognostic information in haematological cancers.

It can also be raised in some chronic disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Crohn's, renal tubular dysfunction and viral infections such as HIV and hepatitis.


Reference ranges:

Age range Reference ranges (mg/L)
All ages/sexes 1.2 - 2.4



Other Comments:

For more information, please see the following: Beta-2 Microglobulin Tumour Marker