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Clinical Biochemistry is involved in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease through analysis of bodily fluids such as blood, urine and CSF. The results of biochemical tests are vital in selecting the most appropriate management pathways, and providing the best possible care for patients.


The Biochemistry Department offers a comprehensive service for its users, including analysis and interpretation of routinely requested tests; and a number of specialist services. The Department receives over 6000 requests and produces approximately 25 000 results during a normal working day.

The majority of tests are performed using automated analysers, although for some tests, a significant manual component is necessary. In addition, the Department is able to facilitate referral of samples to specialist laboratories for analysis.

Further information is available by clicking the links below:

Location and opening times

Test requesting

Telephone limits

Common problems affecting blood test results

Testing in paediatric patients

Toxicology investigations

Individual laboratory sections

Staff and training

Fasting sample requirements

Frequently asked questions for Biochemistry


The department provides a comprehensive, UKAS accredited (ISO 15189) Clinical Biochemistry service as part of the North Midlands and Cheshire Pathology Services.

UKAS Accredited Medical laboratory No. 9351.

Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation.

If you wish to contact the Laboratory, click here for contact details.


Research and clinical trials

The Department actively supports clinical research projects. It has an on-going research and development programme and has facilities to undertake molecular biological and cell culture techniques. Clinicians wishing to initiate research projects are invited to contact the Consultant Clinical Biochemist or Consultant Chemical Pathologist.

For general enquiries regarding clinical trials please email

Participation in clinical trials requiring clinical biochemistry analysis should be discussed with Dr Chris Duff, prior to commencement