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Meet the team

Dr Khan: Lead Lung Cancer Clinician

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The Lung Cancer Care Navigator is the first point of contact for all questions and queries. They will listen to you, establish what needs to happen, assess who else needs to be involved and take responsibility for ensuring the right outcome. The navigators work closely with the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) teams, so if someone affected by lung cancer calls with a clinical question, the navigators ensure that a CNS returns their call.

Cancer Care Navigator play an important role in keeping track of patient progress through pathways to ensure their cancer journey is as smooth as possible. The Cancer Care Navigator help by chasing test results, communicating with other healthcare professions and support services and coordinating further appointments and procedures, ensuring that the patient has all the information they need whilst supporting them to live well with and beyond cancer.

The service allows patients, their families and carers during the entire diagnostic and treatment phase’s access to the support they need.  The Cancer Care Navigator help to guide patients to ensure they understand their diagnostic tests, diagnosis and treatment plans and can sign post patients to the correct information and support available at any point in their pathway.

Lesley-Ann Byrne

Lung Cancer Care Navigator

As lung cancer clinical nurse specialists, we provide support, information and advice throughout

your care. One of us will be assigned to you as your key worker and advocate. We ensure your

care runs smoothly and provide a confidential service where you can discuss your worries and/

or concerns with us.

What support can we offer?

We can support you by:

  • giving advice and support during tests, after diagnosis and throughout your care
  • assessing and addressing your needs and concerns
  • giving you time to talk confidentially about any questions, needs or concerns you may have
  • providing you with current and up-to-date information about lung cancer and its treatment
  • giving you information and contact details of local and national cancer services, workshops

and support groups

  • providing you with personalised information to promote your health and wellbeing
  • giving you and your family emotional support
  • talking to other health care professionals and services to make sure you receive the right

care at the right time

  • making sure you have information about any financial support you may be entitled to

How to Contact us: We work 8.30-4.30 Monday to Friday and have a helpline during these hours and an answerphone message outside these hours.

Please call: 01782 674065

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