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Gastroenterology is the specialty which deals with diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which includes the organs from mouth to anus.  At University Hospitals of North Midlands we:

  • Carry out over 8,000 investigations per year. 
  • Use highly specialised investigative methods such as Endoscopy and Ultrasound in the treatment of our patients. 
  • Have a Screening Centre for Bowel Cancer, and treat Hepatitis C in our Viral Hepatitis Clinics. 
  • Operate a nutrition service for patients who have nutritional problems or trouble with digestion. 
  • Are a Regional Centre for Upper GI (Upper Gastrointestinal) and Hepatobiliary Cancer. 
  • Are a specialised centre for liver disease. 
  • Are accredited by the Joint Advisory Committee.

The addr​ess is 

Ward 230
Floor 3
Main Building
Royal Stoke University Hospital
ST4 6QJ​

The contact telephone number for ward 230 is 01782 676230.