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Fracture Clinic

The fracture clinic cares for both elective and trauma orthopaedic clinics patients who require follow up care. Both adult and children's clinics take place in the outpatients department of Main Building. There is also neurosurgical and musculoskeletal clinics within the Fracture Clinic department.

The department ensures the highest quality care for all patients which encompasses patient safety, excellent clinical care, clinical team input, minimal waiting and satisfactory patient outcome. Care in the Fracture Clinic is provided by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and trained support staff, who will provide care according to patient need.

The Fracture Clinic, comprising of nine fracture consulting rooms, 13 elective clinic rooms, three treatment rooms, a plaster room and x-ray facilities.
Contact us - 01782 676501

Patients attending the Fracture Clinic with new injuries will be seen by an orthopaedic doctor following a referral from Accident and Emergency or from a Walk-In Clinic. The treatment they receive may be plaster casts for immobilising the injury, wound care, further investigations and dressing care. Patients may also be referred to the Fracture Clinic from GPs.

As well as patients with new injuries, the clinic also accepts patients who require post-op reviews, wound management and plaster cast immobilisation. Patients will be reviewed as often as is deemed necessary by the doctors and when appropriate their care may be passed to other departments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and orthotics.

Other clinics in the department are as follows:

  • Spinal Clinic - patients with neck/back problems and spinal trauma are seen in these clinics.
  • Paediatric Clinic - there is a trauma clinic for all children who have had an accident resulting in musculo-skeletal injuries or fractures. Clinics are also held for babies with hip problems, feet conditions and also patients with cerebral palsy and any other orthopaedic condition.
  • Tibial Clinic - patients with tibial fractures are seen in this clinic which specialises in external fixation.
  • Elective Clinics - these are held daily and are for patients with the existing problems concerning shoulder/elbow, hand, hip/knee, foot/ankle.
  • Musculo Skeletal Clinic - patients are seen with a variety of conditions and this clinic is run by doctors and physiotherapists from the Haywood Hospital.
  • Neurosurgical Clinics - these clinics l run alongside the orthopaedic clinics. These are for patients who have had or who require neurological surgery.

The majority of patients attending the Fracture Clinic will check in using the self-service machines located in the atrium in the Main Building. Assistance from staff members will be provided as necessary and patients will then be directed to either the orthopaedic outpatient or fracture clinic wait areas.

Patients attending Fracture clinic will be directed to the fracture clinic main waiting room. Staff will then direct patients to appropriate clinic rooms, plaster and treatment rooms. Staff at both reception areas will be available for any queries, questions. They will also book in any walk-in patients and book follow up appointments

  • Plast​er room: Patients are called into the plaster room via the computer screen in the main fracture clinic waiting area. Walk in patients for plaster room will go straight to fracture clinic waiting area reception and wait to be called into plaster room. Nurse led clinics are held on a regular weekly basis for patients who do not need to see the consultant weekly but require treatment weekly - for example, serial casting, total contact casting, wound care and general assessment of casts as necessary.
  • Treatment: Treatment required after consultation may be carried out in either the consulting room or the patient may need to be directed to a treatment room or the plaster room.
  • Ward patients:  Ward patients will come to clinic with a porter and therefore should go to the waiting area for the relevant clinic. Ward patients for plaster room will come to clinic with a porter and go straight to plaster room.  

Other patients who also attend the department are those who require review and assessment by the consultant prior to their orthopaedic surgery. This is to discuss and assess their suitability for the operation and to discuss the operation and the risks involved.

The Fracture Clinic is located behind the main entrance atrium in the Main Building. The Fracture Clinic has its own reception, clinic rooms and waiting area. Orthopaedic, neurosurgery and musculoskeletal clinics have their own reception, clinic rooms and wait areas. All clinics share the x-ray rooms, plaster room, and treatment rooms located between the two areas.

The Fracture Clinic is open between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Thursday and 9am until 4.30pm on a Friday. The plaster room facilities are open at the same times. The department is closed Saturday and Sundays unless extra clinics have been requested.

  • Clinic Manager: Dawn Barker
  • Deputy Manager: Harriet Arthur
  • Senior Nurse for Quality: Monica Possart

There is a fracture clinic and plaster room situated between Outpatients and A&E, which provides a service for all Trauma and Orthopaedic patients and some patients following elective surgery. Fracture clinics run every morning, Monday to Friday and there is a specialist hand clinic on a Monday and Thursday afternoon.

Contact number:  01785 257731 ext 4036 or 4037

Plaster Room: 01785 230271