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Eastern Cheshire Integrated Community Stroke Rehabilitation Service (ICSRS)

We are a therapy led service providing stroke assessment and rehabilitation within the communities of Eastern Cheshire.  This includes the towns and surrounding areas of Macclesfield, Congleton, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Wilmslow and Poynton.

Our team comprises of:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Therapy technicians
  • Clinical Psychologist

We aim to speed up the discharge of stroke patients from hospital by continuing their rehabilitation in their home or other community setting as needed, providing the same level of rehabilitation in the community as that provided on an inpatient Stroke Unit following the national stroke guidelines.

Aims of our service and what we will provide:

  • Ensure and support timely discharge from the acute (hospital based) services
  • To provide support and advice for patients, their families and carers.
  • To enhance your recovery so as to help you get back to living as you were before you had a stroke
  • To support you to safely return to work where applicable
  • To identify your specific, realistic goals for you to achieve within a set time period.
  • To set up an appropriate treatment programme based on your specific needs when home
  • Assess and treat stroke patients admitted to intermediate and community care beds

This team is part of the Greater Manchester Neuro-rehabilitation and Integrated Stroke Delivery Network (GMNISDN) that supports the development of high quality and equitable stroke services in Greater Manchester, including Eastern Cheshire, and aims to achieve the best outcomes and experience for the patients

Please complete a referral form (may be completed by any professional) or via self-referral.

Referrals to be sent to

We aim to contact patients within 24 hours via telephone call to arrange an initial assessment.

Community Stroke & Neuro Team Referral form

We work Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 16.30pm

Telephone: 07775 706473


We value feedback about our service and use this to help drive high quality person-centred therapy.

Feedback can be submitted via scanning the QR code below with a smart phone

Eastern Cheshire Integrated Community Stroke Rehabilitation Service (ICSRS) QR code for patient feedback

Acting FAST will give the person having a stroke the best chance of survival and recovery. Always call 999 straight away.  

Ambulance paramedics are trained in stroke, and will ensure the person receives emergency medical care and specialist treatment. 

Other symptoms of stroke

The FAST test helps to spot the three most common symptoms of stroke. But there are other signs that you should always take seriously. These include: 

  • Sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body, including legs, hands or feet.Difficulty finding words or speaking in clear sentences.
  • Sudden blurred vision or loss of sight in one or both eyes.
  • Sudden memory loss or confusion, and dizziness or a sudden fall.
  • A sudden, severe headache. 

If you spot any of these signs of a stroke, don't wait. Call 999 straight away.