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University Hospitals of North Midlands has a small but dedicated team of diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) who work on hospital wards for inpatients as well as in outpatient clinics. They also have a base at the diabetes centre located within Shelton Primary Care Centre and at the County Hospital site. 

The service is designed to make your experience as stress-free as possible. DSNs provide advice and support to staff looking after you to ensure that your diabetes is managed appropriately and that the admission has minimum impact on your diabetes control. 

Any change of routine or unexpected illness can impact on your diabetes control. The DSN team can offer you advice and support  - if you need it - to try and minimize or resolve any problems. The 'Think Glucose' project is promoted at both sites.

Between them, our DSNs have over 40 years' experience in treating diabetes, including specialised areas of care. Patients who require ongoing care can be seen at Shelton Primary Care Centre. We offer a comprehensive post-discharge support package which includes regular telephone contact and/or appointments if required. 

The DSN team provides great support, with over 10,000 inpatient contacts annually and seven-day cover in place to enhance patient experience. We also liaise with other healthcare providers across the local area to ensure you receive the right care from the right people once you are discharged. Patients from out of the area who attend the hospital for complex surgical procedures are also seen and supported during the peri/post-operative period.  

Insulin Pump Clinics: This service is provided for patients who are suited and deemed eligible for a pump after a comprehensive assessment of suitability. The clinic runs on the second Tuesday of every month with the support of four consultants and two DSNs.

Joint Diabetes-Renal Clinics: There is a diabetic nephropathy-specific clinic run jointly between the renal physicians and our consultants with support from a designated DSN and consultant on the first Thursday of the month.

Antenatal Clinics: Antenatal clinics are held jointly with the obstetric team and specialist dietician on Wednesdays (mornings and alternate week afternoons) and are well supported by the DSN team and consultants with a special interest in antenatal diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Diabetic Foot Clinics: Diabetic foot clinics are conducted in conjunction with the diabetes specialist podiatric team and vascular surgeons for patients with high-risk foot disease. These clinics are held on various days of the week.

Combined Cystic Fibrosis Clinics: These clinics are led by the respiratory team with the support of the designated DSN and consultant input for patients across Shropshire and Staffordshire who need ongoing support. The clinics are run on specific Mondays regularly all through the year.

Young Adult Diabetes Clinics: Young diabetic patients who have been looked after by the paediatric team (and subsequently moved to the joint-transition diabetes clinic where they are seen for a year at regular intervals in conjunction with the adult diabetes consultant and DSN) are then transferred over to the young adult diabetes clinic for continuity of care and follow-up.

Diabetic Retinopathy Link: The diabetic team has well established links with the opthalmology department. with a designated diabetic retinopathy Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist within the eye department and a diabetes consultant also involved with the retinopathy team.

General Adult Diabetes Clinics: For patients with multi-system pathology and complex co-morbidities, there are hospital-based general adult diabetes clinics where inter-specialty interphase and MDT approach is essential.

Diabetes Specialist Nurse-Led Clinics: There are daily DSN-led clinics for helping patients to optimise glycaemic control and enhance the support from the specialist team.

Telephone Clinics: These clinics help patients to dose titrate and self-adjust the dose of medications to enhance and improve their glycaemic profile.

Carbohydrate counting course: This course is run regularly throughout the year at our Diabetes Centre Shelton Primary Care Centre.

Clinical Nurse Specialists in Diabetes
Tamsin Fletcher-Salt
Sarah Taylor
Julie Wilkins
Nicola Williams

Diabetes Specialist Nurses
Mariana Biscoito
Sarah Burton
Usha Haqque
Jessica Hawarden

Healthcare Assistant
Wendy Bailey-Dale

Consultant Physicians
Prof F Hanna
Dr B Jose
Dr A Kennedy
Dr A Mukherjee
Dr U Nayak
Dr L Varadhan

Dr G Varughese

Dr A Vijay

Dr G Gill

Specialty Doctor

Dr Antony George

Clinical Lead

Dr U Nayak