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Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease which affects the internal organs by clogging them with thick sticky mucus. This particularly affects the lungs and digestive system making it hard to breathe and digest food. You can't catch or develop cystic fibrosis, it's something you're born with and most cases in the UK are now diagnosed soon after birth. 

Cystic fibrosis affects around 9,00​0 people in the UK. Patients with cystic fibrosis need careful management by a specialist multidisciplinary team and the outlook for patients with cystic fibrosis has improved greatly over the past two decades.  

Our multi-disciplinary team approach allows us to treat patients more thoroughly and effectively. A patient will see a consultant, psychologist, dietician, physiotherapist, social welfare advisor and a clinical nurse specialist. The service also has a cystic fibrosis co-ordinator, who provides a point of contact for patients as well as general information.​

The Centre cares for adult and children with cystic fibrosis and covers a wide area including North Staffordshire and Shropshire, extending to the Welsh border in the West, Burton in the East and the area around Stafford and Wolverhampton in the South. 

The main service is co-ordinated from the University Hospitals of North Midlands with satellite clinics at New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital Telford. A transition programme from child to adult care is initiated when a patient grows into their teenage years to ensure the patient and family are comfortable with each stage of the process.

To learn more about Cystic Fibrosis and who the North West Midlands Cystic Fibrosis Centre team are, please visit our Facebook page or our website (which is being renovated and will be live shortly) for details on fundraising and public events, patient publications and recent information and notices.

University Hospitals is part of the West Midlands Regional Genetic Service, which was established in 2002, and specializes in identifying educational needs, developing educational resources and training opportunities and delivering high quality genetics education.

The heelprick test  performed routinely on all babies in the first week of life, screens for cystic fibrosis. The test diagnoses the vast majority of babies with cystic fibrosis meaning the condition can be picked up on earlier than ever before.


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