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Peer review

Peer review is beneficial to researchers and the organisation as it allows a research project to be looked at by other clinical experts in the same field and also research methodology experts. This ensures that the research idea and design is of a high quality by checking originality and providing feedback regarding any potential areas for improvement.

Peer review feedback focuses on the following study elements:

  1. The relative merit of the research
  2. The design and methods
  3. The feasibility of the research
  4. The presentation of the application
  5. The scientific and clinical validity

All research projects seeking UHNM sponsorship will need internal peer review if:

  • they have not received peer review feedback by the funder
  • funding has not been applied for

CeNREE will identify suitable peer review based on your research idea from a peer review panel list. Peer review feedback is usually returned within two weeks to the applicant

The CeNREE team is happy to guide you through the process and go through the peer review application form.

We are inviting ACP’s and Nurse/Midwife/AHP/Pharmacy Consultants to become members of our panel to support the review of research projects being developed at UHNM.

A research project summary will be emailed to you and we will ask if you are able to support the peer review. We usually request feedback to be provided within 14 days and supply you with a template feedback form.

Supporting the UHNM peer review process can be used as CPD hours, evidence for NMC revalidation and demonstration of the ACP/NMAHP Consultant research pillar.

Please contact for further information.

Sponsorship = all research studies require a research sponsor. A sponsor is the organisation or partnership that takes overall responsibility for proportionate, effective arrangements being in place to set up, run and report a research project.