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Paul Broad – Legacy Mentor

CeNREE Legacy Mentor

Following a full-time nursing career spanning over 44 years, since taking recent partial retirement, Paul has been appointed into the post of Legacy Mentor working within the CeNREE Team. The Legacy Mentor role is a relatively new role (NHS England) and aims to attract experienced healthcare practitioners from across the multidisciplinary team who are in the later stages of their career.  

During his career, Paul found that he had a natural passion and interest in teaching and developing student nurses and newly registered nurses. It is therefore no surprise that in recent years Paul developed his career in clinical education, culminating in his appointment as the Lead Preceptor Nurse at UHNM in 2009, where Paul remained in post until his partial retirement in October 2023.

It is well recognised that when staff feel supported in the workplace, this has a positive impact on both staff retention and the patient experience. As an experienced clinical nurse educator, mentor, coach, Paul is well placed to share his extensive knowledge and experience with others in his role as a Legacy Mentor.