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UHNM staff thanks for Remembrance Day support

Staff at UHNM have been praised for their support of service veterans this Remembrance Day

Members of the Tri Services and Veterans Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme visited Royal Stoke to thank some of the staff who supported their Poppy Appeal.

These staff included Lisa Duncan, Integrated Discharge Lead from the Integrated Discharge Hub who made her own clay poppies at home to sell to her colleagues in support of the Centre.

She said: “I made the clay poppies myself at home using the oven in my kitchen. I push red clay into a mould before baking them, painting the black button in the centre and attaching the pin.

“I do my little bit and make them every year. I’m a crafty person anyway and I just think it’s a lovely and important thing to do. You can also wear it with pride all-year round. I’ll be making more next year.”

Tracy Robinson, Centre Manager for the Tri Services and Veterans Support Centre said: “Support from UHNM makes such a lot of difference to us. It’s as much the fundraising as getting our name out there and making people aware of what support we offer to veterans.

“We appreciate everything that has been given to us as it helps the Centre going.”

David Smith, Transformation Project Manager and Armed Forces Champion at UHNM added: “I’m very grateful for all their commitments and time in aid of a great cause. Our veterans sometimes can be under-represented and its fantastic we’ve got such a great armed forces community here within UHNM and clearly the willingness and appetite to support our veterans is there.”