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UHNM Chief Executive Award Winner: Caroline Belpomer

A discharge facilitator whose quick thinking helped save the life of a gentleman involved in a serious road traffic accident has been praised for her actions. 

Caroline Belpomer was travelling through Madeley after enjoying a Mother’s Day lunch when she and her husband came across the two-car accident.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Caroline ran to the scene and started performing CPR on an unconscious gentleman until paramedics arrived. 

Caroline was presented with a CEO Award by UHNM Chief Executive Tracy Bullock. 

Speaking about the day of the accident, Caroline said: “Me and my husband were coming through Madely on Mother’s Day when we came across the accident. As another member of the public was already helping those in one of the cars involved, I went to the other car and found a gentleman unconscious on the back seat so started chest compressions. 

“By this time other people had arrived on scene and had called the emergency services. Over the phone they instructed us to get the gentleman out of the car and lay him on the road, where I carried on with CPR for around ten minutes. Another member of the public was able to get a defibrillator from a nearby pub, and using this we shocked the gentleman shortly before paramedics arrived.”

Caroline, who has worked at UHNM for 24 years, was nominated for her award by Lisa Duncan, Integrated Discharge Lead at UHNM. 

Lisa said: “We’ve known Caroline for a long time, she’s part of the wider discharge facilitating team who are all fantastic in their own areas, in their own right, but Caroline has always gone above and beyond- there’s just something about her. I felt to do something in the community like this shows she strives for other people, and for the patients in her care. She is a proper people person and she deserves this award.”

Reflecting on her award, Caroline said: “On the afternoon of the accident I just cracked on. I got out of the car and automatically just ran towards the scene. It was only on the drive back home did I start to think what had just happened. It’s just what anybody would do.

“It’s lovely to be nominated for this award by my colleagues, but I don’t like being the centre of attention, I couldn’t believe it. There was a lot of other people at the scene who came together who also deserve recognition, this is for all of them. 

“I’ve worked at UHNM for 24 years as a housekeeper, healthcare assistant, ward clerk and now discharge facilitator. I just love my patients and would do everything I can for them and hope they get home safely and are happy.”