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Team surgery receive CEO award

The surgery team from University Hospitals of North Midlands has received a CEO award for going above and beyond to help a vulnerable patient and their baby.

The patient was admitted with their newborn baby with cholecystitis.  They had been relocated to the Stoke-on-Trent area for safety reasons.

Ward 110, the surgical assessment unit (SAU), theatres and recovery worked together to ensure that the baby was kept in hospital to prevent emergency foster care. Matron Rebecca Beckett provided 1:1 support to the patient and their baby whilst on the ward.  Matron Rebecca also made sure that all of the team on the ward could continue this level of support to ensure the patient and baby could stay together.

Extra steps were made including the timing of the surgery and dosages of anaesthesia, so that they would not affect the patient’s ability to care for the baby after the operation. The team also made sure that the baby had necessary supplies including nappies, clothes, a cot and pushchair once they were discharged.

Sarah Curran, Lead Nurse for vulnerable people, said: “I am so happy the team have received a CEO award. They have demonstrated excellence in practice by going above and beyond. I wanted to make the nomination to share how amazing the staff has been. Often in safeguarding it can be sad news, review processes and learning lessons. This is a case to celebrate how amazing UHNM is.”

Tracy Bullock, Chief Executive, said: “I am really pleased to present Team Surgery with a CEO award. The efforts they all went to, to make sure the patient and baby were supported and cared for is fantastic. It was a brilliant collaborative approach and I’m sure the patient will never forget their experience at UHNM and how the team helped their during her stay.”

Becky Beckett, Head of Nursing for Surgery said: “We are really humbled to receive this award. It was a collective effort from various angles, from an emergency portal, the wards, theatres and recovery in supporting a complex patient who had a tragic background which required an emergency surgery. We enabled them to remain in the hospital and cared for with their baby and prevented any emergency foster care. I am very proud to receive this award on behalf of the team.”