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Property boxes help to provide peace of mind for patients

Patient property boxes are being introduced in UHNM’s emergency department at Royal Stoke and County Hospital as a trial to help patients keep personal items safe during their time in hospital.

The property boxes provide a safe place for important belongings, which when lost, can not only be distressing to them and their relatives or carers, but can impact on their recovery and slow down the discharge process.

The boxes are designed to hold personal items for patients who are most at risk of losing items such as dentures, hearing aids and glasses, all while reassured that all items are kept safe and easily moveable at short notice.

Allison Horne, Emergency Department Matron at County Hospital, said: “This is such a great initiative across our emergency departments at UHNM. These boxes are a great way to keep belongings safe right at the start of a patient’s hospital stay.

“A patient’s belongings are so important to them and that’s why we are continually improving the experience for patients in our care by introducing this effective way to reduced lost property.”