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Patients and staff come together to celebrate first anniversary of North Midlands Hand Centre

Former patients, staff and clinical partners have come together to mark the first anniversary of the North Midlands Hand Centre at a special celebration event. 

Members of the public were today given behind-the-scenes access to the facility at County Hospital in Stafford which provides state-of-the-art treatment whilst reducing the waiting list for hand surgery at UHNM.

Those in attendance were able to tour the Centre’s operating theatres as well as meet the staff who work there and browse a number of stalls.

One of the former patients to attend was Phil Rose from Cannock. The 56-year-old suffered an open fracture of his arm following a motorbike accident last year.

Phil said: “It was a glorious Saturday morning riding through Cannock Chase, as I was following a car ahead up a hill steadily. Suddenly, three deer appeared from the trees to my right, so we slowed down to let them cross the road. The first two did but the third stag stopped, looked at me, put his head down and charged straight towards me, hitting the handlebars, and knocking the bike sideways, causing the trauma- I think he thought I was another stag.

“As I was putting the bike down, I thought this is a bit weird, my hand isn’t letting go of the handlebar. I suffered two open fractures, a severely broken elbow, an open dislocation to the thumb and a couple of broken ribs.

Phil is now able to ride is bike again after having five 3D-printed plates implanted in his arm.

He said: “If it wasn’t for the team at UHNM I would have lost my arm, all the staff have been phenomenal. I’ve been so lucky and am so glad it hadn’t happened anywhere else because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than UHNM, they’ve just done so much for me, I was lucky. 

Another patient in attendance was Heather Grimes, who broke her wrist in April of this year.

The 59-year-old from Walsall said: “I fell whilst tying my shoes in my bedroom, throwing my arm to save myself and hitting my wrist on the wall. 

“After being told I needed surgery I was petrified, but the service from UHNM was incredible. It was booked in later the same week and they treated second to none, amazing care.

“I’m here today because I wanted to support everyone and see them again and thank them in person.”

Mr Akshay Malhotra, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Lead for Hand and Wrist Surgery at UHNM said: “It’s a fabulous day celebrating the achievements of the fabulous team. I would like to thank the patients who are the reason why we are here and the wider team who have all played a part in today and the success of the North Midlands Hand Centre over the past year.”