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Critical Incident Declared (9 July 2024)

UHNM has been under increasing pressure since the weekend with both Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital, Stafford experiencing an increase in attendances at the Emergency Department who require an admission. We have therefore taken the decision to declare a critical incident. 

This helps us to take additional measures to maintain safe services for our patients and those in the community waiting for an ambulance.

We will continue to work with our NHS and local authority partners to ensure that people who need hospital and emergency care can get treatment quickly and to identify any additional support that allows us to discharge patients who do not require acute hospital care.

During this time the emergency departments will continue to see the sickest patients first, which means, for some patients, there may be much longer delays than usual.

We ask the public to help us by only using A&E in a serious or life threatening emergency. When we’re discharging patients, we ask that their friends or loved ones pick them up from hospital as soon as possible and have everything they need at home.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.