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Careers in Neurology
The Neurology Team at UHNM is a dynamic, supportive and friendly team who provide excellent patient care to patients that often have complex conditions.

Our Neurology patients are typically admitted with the following conditions but not limited to:

• Epilepsy
• Motor Neurone Disease
• Parkinsons
• Auto Immune Conditions
• Guillan Bare syndrome
• Myasthenia Gravis
• Multiple Sclerosis

Our core values are:

  • Pioneering Treatments
  • Career Development
  • Innovative Clinical Practice

Many patients are admitted for investigations such as MRI, Video Telemetry, EEG and Lumbar Puncture and our team are multi skilled in caring for acutely unwell patients who may have complex psychological needs.

What Is Video Telemetry?

Video Telemetry (VT) is when patients simultaneously have brain activity measured via an Electroencephalogram (EEG) whilst being filmed.
Video Telemetry is performed on our Neurology ward and is used by our MDT to establish seizure activity and to work out where in the brain the abnormal seizure activity is initiated

The Neuro-Ambulatory Care Unit (NACU) was developed in 2015 to manage patients with Neurological conditions on an outpatient basis in order to improve patient outcomes and to reduce ward admissions.

Patients are usually referred to NACU from their GP, Emergency Department and via Consultant referral from within the Trust.

Patients typically undergo treatments such as Immunoglobulin therapy (IVIG) and Lumbar Puncture (LP) in a Nurse Led Clinic. The Nursing staff in NACU are highly skilled in the specialty and provide services such as:
• Migraine Treatments (GTN challenge, GON injection, DHE, IV Aspirin. Caffeine, Indomethacin etc)
• PICC/Mid Line Insertion
• Lumbar Punctures
• Portacath Maintenance
• Midazolam Trials
• Physio Assessment
• Cognitive Assessment
• Dystonia Botox Clinics

NACU staff work closely with the Neurology ward to provide support, advice and assist with treatments to ensure best patient outcomes. Patients are also given wellbeing and lifestyle advice.
NACU is a pioneering unit, which offers ground breaking treatments and is an integral part of the Neurology Service at UHNM.

Rachel Marsh
Acting Deputy Ward Manager

I qualified in 2010 after studying for 3 years at Keele University. I briefly worked in Neurosurgery before moving to Neurology, where I have been for the past 8 years.

I have had a number of secondments during this time. I have been a Clinical Band 6 and have recently secured a secondment as Deputy Ward Manager. My current role has allowed me to improve my leadership and management skills and I work closely with the Ward Manager to ensure that the ward runs smoothly.
Neurology offers great opportunities and staff receive training sessions in MS, Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other very specialised conditions from the Nurse Specialists. Our education programme ensures that all our staff are skilled and knowledgeable and are able to care for patients with such specialised needs.

I recently attended a Neurosciences post-grad course at Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham and have had lots of opportunities to develop myself both clinically and academically.
We are a friendly, dedicated team who are passionate about neurology and are always keen to welcome new members to our team.

Helen Wood
Epilepsy Clinical Nurse Specialist

I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1996 and my first job was as a Staff Nurse in Neurosurgery. Two years later I transferred to Neurology and 24 years later I am now an Epilepsy Clinical Nurse Specialist working alongside an experienced team of Nurses in an Outpatient setting. I have always had a passion for Neurology, which grew as I continued to work with a diverse specialist team.

During my days on the ward I undertook many courses in Neurology, Leadership, Teaching and Clinical Auditing. I was promoted to a Band 6 role, Deputy Ward Manager, Quality Nurse and also Acting Ward Manager.

Whilst I no longer work on the Neurology Ward, I perform clinics reviewing, supporting and managing patient’s Epilepsy striving to improve patients’ quality of life and reduce admissions to hospital. We have the Video Telemetry Suite on the ward where we care for Epilepsy patients whilst they are withdrawn off their antiepileptic medications. We are excited that we are now offering a Vagal Nerve Stimulator Service.

My enthusiasm for Neurology always emerged from my constant curiosity of the beauty and complexities of the brain and nervous system. This specialised science brings about a talented Nurse who is skilled in managing and caring for patients with multifarious symptoms of both physical and cognitive factors. The multiple disciplinary team in Neurology is a distinguished crew offering constant support, professionalism and learning pathways.

Karen Sheldon
Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Nurse Specialist

I started Nursing on the Neurology Ward 33 years ago. The Neurology Ward gave me a wealth of experience and knowledge. There are so many different aspects of this speciality that no two shifts are ever the same and there is always something new to learn and experience.
After a number of years on the ward I worked in the Neurology Outpatients Department where I was able to briefly be involved with some of the early clinical trials looking at treatments for Multiple Sclerosis.

Subsequently I managed a Neurology Five Day Unit, where patients could attend for treatments and investigations. It was here that I developed a special interest in Multiple Sclerosis having worked closely with the MS specialist nurses.

I was privileged have the opportunity to be seconded into an MS Specialist Nurse post in 1993. I realized that this was my niche and I am fortunate to still be in this role today. My work is often challenging. MS is unpredictable and presents differently for each patient and it has been amazing to be a part of the MS journey with patients for the last 17 plus years. Neurology presents many pathways for Nurses to specialize and diversify. The opportunities are endless!

The Neurology department at UHNM actively encourages our staff to develop so that we can have highly skilled staff who can deliver excellent patient care.
In addition to a period of supernumerary status and a bespoke preceptorship period, our senior nurses are willing to work alongside you to develop your skills and confidence.

The Trust offers a wide range of development programmes organised by our Organisational Development team, which include:

• Gateway to Leadership
• Connects: Leadership & Development Programme
• Coaching in the Workplace

Depending on your area of interest, we then encourage our staff to spend time with a range of CNS’s to develop skill and knowledge in a particular field of neurology, such as Epilepsy or Multiple Sclerosis.

Career pathways include progression to a CNS or a role in Neuro Ambulatory Care where our staff can undertake advanced procedures such as Lumbar Punctures.

benefit of working in Neurology is the vast number of options available for career progression and alongside working with a caring and friendly team, Neurology is a fantastic place to work and progress