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Are you a patient or family member? Nominate your UHNM Hero...

Staff member being awarded a UHNM Hero award

Have you or a relative/friend recently stayed at UHNM and received excellent care?

Did a member of staff go beyond what you expected to make your care or that of your loved one exceptional? Did they look after the relatives and friends of a patient at the same time as the patient themselves?

To recognise the special role they have performed in giving you excellent care, the Trust runs a 'UHNM Hero' award, which promotes an individual's dedication. Sadly we are unable to recognise everyone with this special award, but if what the member of staff did was really outstanding and if the nomination you make is successful, they will receive a certificate and have their achievements promoted on the Trust's website and beyond. (Please note, our coverage of successful nominations will involve the publishing of your name and other details of your experience/reasons for your nomination).

Please note that compliments and messages of thanks may also be made public if we choose to share them via the Trust's website and social media pages (Facebook and Twitter).

It's always worth getting in touch!

Even if your nomination is not successful, we will still endeavour to share your positive comments via our social media channels and to let the staff involved know how you feel.

UHNM Hero nomination form

The nomination should not exceed 300 words in length. Our Communications team will be in touch to thank you for your nomination and let you know if it has been successful.

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