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Ellis, Simon

Name: Dr Simon Ellis

Specialisation: Neurology

Designation: Consultant Neurologist


Department: Neurology

Phone: 01782 679461

Doctor Ellis graduated in medicine from Cambridge University and undertook a number of general medical and neurology jobs in London and in New York. He then returned to the UK, becoming a lecturer in neurology at Oxford University and completing an MD in the metabolic complications of hyponatraemia. Dr Ellis also undertook research into stroke and its neuropsychological consequences including anosagnosia and visuospatial neglect. In 1994 he took up post as a consultant at UHNM. 

Dr Ellis developed a general neurological practice with a particular interest in the neuropsychological manifestations of neurological illness. He has an active interest in research, looking at the non-motor complications of Parkinson’s disease as well as other neuropsychological deficits.

His neurological practice is general, but he specialises in the neurological complications of head injury, diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, neuropsychological complication of neurological illness in particular Parkinson’s disease and medically unexplained neurological symptoms.​