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Episode 7

In this episode, Matthew is rushed in after a horrific high-speed collision between his motorbike and a tractor. Whilst it’s obvious that Matthew’s chest has taken the full force of the 50mph impact, Trauma Team Leader Mark Poulson knows that an accident at this speed has the potential to have other hidden, life-threatening injuries. Rushing Matthew to the scanner, Mark desperately needs to assess all of the damage before Matthew’s condition deteriorates further. 

Across the hospital, neurosurgeon Mr Brydon is preparing to do a highly complex removal of a rare tumour in 39 year old Donna’s brain. Having suffered from slight dizziness and blurred vision, Donna is now facing a mammoth 12 hour procedure as surgeons navigate their way - with only millimetres to spare - past the arteries which are the major blood suppliers to the brain.

Meanwhile in resus, the team are put on high alert to receive a patient who needs immediate, emergency special care. Having been hit by a high-speed kick from his favourite cow, and despite being in extreme pain, John has managed to drag himself across his farm in a desperate attempt to get help. Once in resus, it’s immediately that something is badly wrong in his stomach and the team scramble to get him to theatre to do a vital ripped bowel repair that will save his life.

Finally, Jim is rushed in after taking a massive fall from his attic and gouging most of the flesh out from around his elbow. Describing the injury as something which looks like ‘a shark attack’, Trauma Team Leader Anthony Taylor knows that trying to knit such a deep wound back together, in a man of Jim’s age, will be a challenge.



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